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HR Training After CMCO (100% HRDF Claimable)

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Before 2020 ends, take chance to master HUMAN RESOURCE MATTERS in this new norm.



18 & 19 Nov 2020 @ Kuala Lumpur


Important for employers; through Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Line Managers and Supervisors and anyone involved in Employee Supervision, to know and fully understand the interpretation of Labor Law. Today, employer-employee relations have become complex, governed by a variety of laws that need to be understood and employers must exercise their employees' relationships within parameters. Improper use of laws & legislations and improper handling of Domestic Inquiry (DI) procedures can result in decisions of the Labor Court and Industrial Court in favor of employees and expensive financial compensation. The Employment Act 1955 & the Industrial Relations Act 1967 are two major labor laws regulating labor relations in the country. Explain your doubts about the application and effect of the appropriate Employment Act & Industrial Relations Act on the process of dealing with employees' rights, benefits & disciplinary issues.

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Employment Act 1955
  • Module 3: Industrial Relations Act 1967
  • Module 4: Domestic Inquiry

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7 & 8 Dec 2020 @ Kuala Lumpur


Employment Taxable Income and having a sound knowledge on associated or related matters in the form of allowances, benefits in kind, exemptions, and deductions are crucial for the employer. Understanding and taking advantage of the various tax provisions can create additional value by optimizing tax savings for both employers and employees. Any tax efficient remuneration package should provide 'taxable benefit' for both employers and employees.

  • Module 1: Gross Employment Income & Taxable Benefits for Employees
  • Module 2: Duties & Responsibilities of Employer & Employee
  • Module 3: Treatment of Employment Income
  • Module 4: Tax Implication on Benefits in Kind (BIK) Provided to Employees
  • Module 5: Perquisites Provided to Employees
  • Module 6: Living Accommodation Benefit Provided by The Employer
  • Module 7: Compensation for Loss of Employment

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14 & 15 Dec 2020 @ Kuala Lumpur


The role of Human Resources staff is not only to carry out the functions of the human resources department but also to understand the general policies and implications of the law. The program is designed to equip your Human Resources staff with the right knowledge and skills, as well as practical and technical approaches to effective Human Resource functions.

  • Module 1: Understanding the HR Management and The Latest HR Challenge
  • Module 2: Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Module 3: Salary Structure & Payroll Administrations
  • Module 4: Employment Act
  • Module 5: Managing Training Function
  • Module 6: Managing Problematic Employees
  • Module 7: Manpower Planning
  • Module 8: Human Resource Reports

We do online training too, as low as for 5pax. Request for FREE quote now!


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