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What is an electrician?

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To the question "What is an electrician?" most people would say an electrician is a person who installs electrical wiring and equipment. Well, this is partly true, but I do not think that being an electrician, "just another job." There are many more, working as an electrician, what you think.

Electrical Safety

In the UK Electricity at work regulations and rules IEE Connection cover methods of work and responsibilities of the electricians and they are required to comply with its standards. This responsibility is set electricians, among other professions in the construction industry. Awareness and concern for electrical safety and welfare of end users of electrical installations should always be at the forefront of the mind electrician.

Electrical work
Electrician must have a lot of skills and knowledge of a wide range of technical and security. Electrical work is involved in almost every aspect of modern life and a qualified electrician may decide to specialize in certain industries. Many electricians can choose the type of work they undertake, depending on their location. For example, if an electrician living in an industrial zone, they can find work in a factory and become proficient in the maintenance of the equipment or equipment. This may include the installation or repair of electric motors and plants, or working in hazardous areas where additional special skills are required.

There is also a wide variety of electrical work in the commercial sector, such as installing fire and security alarms or communications and Data Systems. Some electricians focus on domestic electrical work and specializes in the installation and maintenance of household electrical systems including lighting, power and electricity and central heating. "Smart House", structured cabling and security systems are also becoming more common as part of the internal electrics. Renewable energy installations such as solar water heating and Photo Voltaic or PV, and new areas where electrical skills are required.

Study of professional or trade skills in the electrical industry can set you on the path to a successful career as an electrician. Become a qualified electrician is the perfect career choice for those who have the determination and passion to succeed. Electrical students believe their education will continue as an electrician, as the electrical rules and practices evolve to keep pace with new technologies and products. This means that experienced professional electricians are often required to undertake further training to help expand and improve their knowledge and skills. As an electrician can be both interesting and useful in this fast moving technological world.

P/s : Entri ini berkaitan bidang tugas aku, kalau korang ada masalah dengan system elektrik kat umah leh la tanya aku :) aku sedia membantu...